Welcome to Jamal Kazura Aromatics
The Kazura brand of fragrances was established in 1933. We beleieve natural oils have medicinal or healing properties. We are located in three places in Lion City. We specialize in manufacture and sale of attar oils. We are the pioneers in the burgeoning attar trade.

The perfume made here is very unique. Its pure oil - no alcohol is added. We manufacture unique perfume from a far-flung corner of the globe, or want your own custom-made scent, look no further than us. Stocked with an array of fragrances from the Middle East, France, India and beyond, we specialise in alcohol-free Arabic perfumes, and also have unique massage pills, scented body soaps and shower creams.

We have been in business for more than 80 years. You can even get your own customised signature scent created for an affordable cost, simply by telling the perfume maker your favourite smells and the type of occasion you’ll be wearing the perfume for. It usually takes about 30 minutes to create a custom-made scent. We are sure it will be a fantastic way to remember your visit to our place.

We have been featured in many journals in the city. Click here to view an exclusive write-up about us by THE STRAITS TIMES.